Stays abroad

Travel and accommodation

The stays take place throughout the year, with a minimum duration of two weeks. They are managed by Lingo Món through our agency lingolingua, dedicated solely to stays.

There are different accommodation options (host family, residence and junior residence) and in the case of the youngest learners, they have a monitor at their disposition, supervising them 24 hours a day.

Au Pair Programme

This programme is the perfect formula to improve and gain fluency in any language. You learn at a minimum cost, working as an Au Pair and living with a native family that welcomes you like a member of it.

Subsidized courses

We offer subsidized courses for both employed and unemployed people. These courses can be booked for a minimum of 3 weeks and their price is much lower than for normal courses. The destinations are Chichester, Leicester and Bath and there are courses of different modalities (general English, business English, English for computers, for tourism and more).

General and special courses

Some of the courses we offer for learners under 18 years old are: junior general course, exam preparation, immersion course, sport course and academic year programme.

To learners over 18 years old, we offer: general course (intensive, general or basic), exam preparation, business English course and technical English course, among others.

Study and work programmes

In study and work programmes, students attend English courses and work in a professional environment at the same time. There is also the option of undertaking the work experience after having finished the English studies.

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