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Nowadays the improvement of information and communication technologies is making it easier for students to learn languages without going to the classroom. Our online classes are virtual lessons that take place in real time. These are a different way from the face-to-face classes we usually offer. The student is in constant communication with the teacher interacting, learning and clarifying doubts. During the online classes we work on the four language skills: written expression, reading and listening comprehension and oral expression. The teacher's dedication is total and undivided, providing the student with all the documents and web pages needed so that they can practise comprehension and reading on their own and / or with help.

Classes are done through various mediums: Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, etc. We also use the TRELLO tool to carry out a thorough follow-up: homework assignments and correction. Schedules are flexible and classes can be done either in groups or individually.

What are the advantages of online classes classes?

The foreign language learning system is usually more focused on the acquisition of grammar, reading and writing and less focused on developing oral communication skills. Thus, one of the benefits of learning a language online is improving speech.

Video-calling programs such as Zoom or Skype, Hangouts or GoToMeeting, mentioned above are therefore tools that allow us to progress in a positive way in learning a new language, as it provides us with the necessary tools we require to advance in this important skill of speaking.

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